Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purple Farm Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Go HERE to see this party featured on KARA'S PARTY IDEAS!
Here's the Farm Party I styled for a little girl's 2nd birthday. I made almost everything myself, by hand...which took a LOT of time and patience, but I think in the end it was well worth it! I painted everything (that could possibly be painted), with different shades of purple and lilac spray paint, and accented everything with chartreuse.

Party Stylist: Parties By Kaci in Phoenix 
Food: Parties By Kaci
Photography: Caitlin Nalder
Venue: Tolmachoff Farms in Glendale
Cake: Anna's Cakes
Berry Baskets (for kids' lunches): Wasserstrom Online
Candy: Sweeties of Arizona
Milk Bottles: Specialty Bottle Online
Cupcake Toppers: Clementines Cupcakes Etsy Shop
Drink Labels: Envy Couture Etsy Shop
Mason Jars: Walmart Online
Mini Hay Bails: Michaels Craft Store
Purple Popcorn and White Cotton Candy: 1890 Caramel Corn Company Online
Barn Sugar Cookies: The Talented Cookie Etsy Shop
Purple Striped Paper Straws: The Party Fairy Etsy Shop
Glass Drink Dispensers: Bed Bath & Beyond
Fabric: Sas Fabrics in Phoenix
Paper and Die Cuts: Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa
Flowers: AJ's Fine Foods
Candle Holders: Thrift Stores
Wooden Crates:Joannes Craft Store
Flower Vases: Dollar Tree and Walmart
Wooden Tags (used for milk labels): Joannes Craft Store
Moss: Joannes and Walmart
Cake Pedestals (used for cupcakes): Crate and Barrel

I wanted to give everything as much detail as possible to make this party extra special! This included...litle green flags on the drink straws, tiny fabric flowers glued on the lollipops, burlap and ribbon tied around flower vases, wooden labels for the milk bottles, etc. I made everything from scratch--including all the desserts, banners, signs, and backdrop.

The Backdrop-I wanted this to be a WOW FACTOR! I didn't care how long it took me as long as it came out beautiful! And in the end, It was well worth the time (even if it meant getting a ton of hot glue burns)!

I created it by tearing lots and lots of strips of purple, lilac, and violet satin and taffeta. Then I measured out a large piece of burlap and drew 2 lines about 2 feet apart as to where I would glue all the fabric flowers. I then made the fabric rosettes directly on the burlap with hot glue. I did this  randomly by continually changing the sizes and colors of fabric until the space I had measured was completely full of fabric flowers.

Sweet Table-I wanted this table to definitely have an over-load of sweets and candy! I used different shades of purple and lilac for a monochromatic feel. And again, I painted and spray-painted everything (baskets, crates) with different shades of purple. I accented with touches of chartreuse.

Here's a list of everything on this table:
1. lemon tarts
2. mini apple pies
3. home-made marshmallows
4. pecan bars
5. sugar cookies
6.candy (taffy, chocolate candies, sixlets, lollipops, licorice, bubble gum, jelly beans)
7. strawberry short cakes in jars
8. caramel apples
9. purple popcorn
10. white cotton candy
11. cupcakes
12. cherries
13. granny smith apples
14. chocolate dipped pretzel rods

The cake was the focal point and I wanted this to be the tallest thing on the table. So, I actually went to Home Depot and cut wood so I could construct a custom box for the cake to sit on. I then painted it with lilac acrylic paint. On either sides of the cake were the cupcakes. I bought wooden crates and spray painted those, and then had the cupcakes on identical cake pedestals (from Crate and Barrel) which I placed on top of the crates.

The sweet table was all about symmetry
On either side of the cupcakes I had 2 mini hay bails with sweets that had "sticks" in them. I then went down in height each "level", as there were 3 distinct levels of sweets.

The next tallest level was all the candy which I used gallon-sized glass jars for that. Next to the candy I also had 4 ounce mason jars with strawberry shortcakes.
The lowest level were all the baked goods. I placed those on square plates from Crate and Barrel. (These plates were perfect because they had no rims.)

On the sides of the sweet table I had bright green apples and red cherries in purple baskets that I painted. And to complete the table I made a very large banner out of burlap, satin, and ribbon, which spelled out the birthday girl's name.

Kids' Tables-I covered the kids' tables first with burlap, then with a dark purple "runner" made with taffeta. I added one green ribbon going down the center. I placed small vases of purple and green flowers mixed with painted candle holders on the tables as center pieces.

Kids' Lunches-I purchased quart-sized wooden berry baskets from online and spray-painted them purple (of course). I then tied a piece of twine and a little barn silhouette (that I found online and printed on brown paper) on each one. I wrapped the lunch in a square piece of lilac satin and tied in a double knot. Inside were almond butter and strawberry sandwiches cut out in cute shapes.

I also found the milk jars online and had my husband drill a hole into each lid where the straw would go. (These were 2 year olds, so I knew there would be spillage!) For an extra detail, I made hand-painted wooden labels that said, "Milk" for each jar.

Adult Food Table-I covered this with burlap, and then placed moss all around the white platters of food. The menu included:
1. sandwiches of roasted organic chicken, arugula, pesto, sun dried tomato mayo, and fresh mozzarella
2. sandwiches of roasted turkey breast, bacon, roasted red pepper mayo, and spinach
3. vegetable tray with spinach herb dressing
4. fruit tray
5. cheese tray
6. fresh tortilla chips with guacemole and heirloom tomato pico de gallo 
7. salad of organic mixed greens, roasted red beets, toasted walnuts, goat cheese, bacon, and champagne vinaigrette
I made 2 large banners to hang on either side of the adult food table: One that said "EAT", and another that said "YUM".


  1. You are SO Talented!!!!!! It was an a m a z i n g party!

  2. Really great! Love the rosette backdrop and all the burlap details!

    1. I have been really inspired by your attention to detail. In fact, I decided on making that the theme for my daughter's 2nd bday this Sunday. I too have gotten many glue gun burns making those rosettes for the backdrop but I started 3 months ago so everything is going smoothly. Thanks for all your tips!!


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