Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Real Party] Carnival Party

 Here's a carnival party I did for a boy turning 5. I went all out on this candy table. Boy was it a LOT of candy! I found a vintage gumball machine and use it as the centerpiece.

 All the candy was red, yellow, or light blue. I'm really big on matching the candy exactly to the theme and colors. I covered different boxes with red wrapping paper and thick red ribbon to add height. This is really important when you are designing a candy table.
 I made a really long banner with light blue and red flags to hang up. 
 Cotton Candy was the most popular. I found that cute, vintage scrapbook paper from Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa and made cones out of it. I bought the red and white striped popcorn boxes from Michales and filled them with kettle corn.
 I did something different this time. Instead of only using jars and vases, I made pedestals and trays out of burner covers I bought from the dollar store. I spray painted them white and glued on a candle holder that I also spray painted white. For the finishing touch, I glued on that really fun red pom-pom ribbon.
 I made really large candy labels with yellow and light blue cardstock and my rubber stamps. I think the large labels went well with the theme.
 For the adult food, I had sandwiches, fruit tray, vegetable tray, and chips.
 I wrapped the sandwiches in red and white tissue paper and made toothpicks with carnival tickets.
I had chips in red cups and wrote the flavor on little blue flags.
Fruit and vegetables.

I found these wooden frames from Michaels and glued on these vintage circus stamps that came from a piece of scrapbook paper I found from Scrapbooks Etc.

The kids chose a sack lunch with either peanut butter or ham and cheese.


  1. i love this one! Looks really cute! I really love how you wrapped the sanwhiches and the stamped frames!

  2. Could you please do a tutorial about how to make the pedestals from the Dollar Tree? Thanks!

  3. This is my favorite look so far. Really love what you did with the sandwiches!

  4. I LOVE this entire party set up! So adorable!


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